STARTALK Summer 2017 – STARTALK Principles for Meaningful Online Learning

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Orientation Week:    June 19th – 25th
Online Instruction:  June 26th – July 23rd

We welcome experienced Arabic, Chinese and Persian language teachers who are ready to engage together in an exciting collaborative online learning experience to apply for our Summer 2017 program, STARTALK Principles for Meaningful Online Learning. 

2017 TELL Criteria

*** Before you apply, please watch the full introductory video. You will learn about course goals and see how you will participate online and in real time with other teachers, course instructors, guest presenters, language specialists, and students.

PLEASE NOTE: This course provides a rich, collaborative professional learning experience with your peers and teaching experts. It is not a self-paced course you complete independently.

Throughout this course you will be meeting online with language specialists, your teaching partners, and course instructors. In addition, the following online web conferences are required.

Course Web Conference Dates

June 22: Welcome Web Conference/Orientation (5:30pm PT)
June 28: Guest Presenter, Laura Terrill (5:30pm PT)
July 10: Growth Mindset with Professor Andrea Guillaume (5:30pm PT)
July 13: Guest Presenter, Laura Terrill (5:30pm PT)
July 17 & 18: Online Team Taught Lessons (online throughout the day)
July 20: Reflection and Professional Planning, Professor Andrea Guillaume (5:30pmPT)

What you will learn
Course Contact(s)

Letha Goger, [email protected]

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Course Start Date
June 26, 2017

Course End Date
July 23, 2017

Course Instructors
Barbara Lindsey
Lead Instructor
Laura Terrill
Guest Instructor
Andrea Guillaume, Ph.D.
Guest Instructor

World Languages and Cultures, Professional Learning, Online Instruction

Teachers in USA

Intermediate, Advanced

Language of Instruction

Target Language(s)
Arabic, Chinese, Persian

Course Credit

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Course ID
ST S2017

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