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Wow, that went fast! We are already at the final web conference of our summer @STARTALK_NFLC program with @NicoleNaditz as lead instructor! It has been a wonderful program with a tremendous cohort of Arabic, Chinese, and Persian language teachers we had 🙂 #leadwithlanguages

About 5 months ago


Building understanding through teaching and learning Silk Road languages and cultures

WELCOME! CLASSRoad is a keystone initiative of Human Assistance and Development International (HADI), whose mission is to promote and enhance the teaching of the Silk Road languages (Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Hindi, Russian) in the United States. CLASSRoad is a leading provider of online/digital education and professional development for language teachers, and offers course hosting and course development services to partner organizations. CLASSRoad collaborates with educational institutions and foundations on exciting educational initiatives, including developing leading and unique resource websites for language teachers. Additionally, CLASSRoad welcomes individual educators and experts to participate in our educational projects as curriculum designers, authors, editors and content developers.