STARTALK Summer 2012 – Technology Literacy for Teaching Digital Natives

About this Course

Are you interested in the pedagogical principles for teaching languages in the digital age?

Are you interested in learning how to set up an effective technology environment for teaching Arabic and Persian?

Are you interested in designing interactive Arabic/Persian language learning around online tools and mobile apps?

Are you interested in using technology tools to assess student performance in the target language?

Are you interested in enrolling in a nationally recognized program?

If your answer is YES! Then this workshop is for you! You will receive a systematic introduction to using technology across many dimensions of language teaching. While the course showcases examples in Arabic and Persian, the course is presented in English. Thus, teachers of other foreign languages are welcome to enroll in the online course as well.

Since 2007 as part of STARTALK, CLASSRoad has been providing professional development programs dedicated to the teaching of Arabic as a Foreign Language, and this year our program features a Persian component as well.

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Arabic, Chinese

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