STARTALK Summer 2019 – STARTALK: Planning for Authentic, Interactive Language Experiences

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June 7th – July 15th, 2019

STARTALK: Planning for Authentic, Interactive Language Experiences

Collaborating with Nicole Naditz, 2015 ACTFL National Teacher of the Year


CLASSRoad’s 2019 fully-online STARTALK program will provide opportunity for thirty-five (35) intermediate and master Arabic, Chinese and Persian language teachers to focus on building their ability to: 1) use the backward design process to plan for meaningful student engagement, 2) create daily performance objectives that capture student energy and commitment and that move them toward proficiency targets, and 3) provide comprehensible input while using the target language 90% of the time.

This is not a self-paced course. Rather, this program is fast-paced and includes asynchronous and synchronous interaction among instructors and participants, feature video presentations

by experts, formative assessments, discussions, observations of recorded online language teaching examples–including video from previous year teacher participants–peer learning and feedback, peer microteaching practice, online co-teaching of remote language students, and self-assessment and personal growth plan development. You must be available for the live online conference sessions and for working in a timely manner with your peer teaching groups.


The application window for this course is now closed. Please check our website for an announcement on next year’s program.

Course applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Follow our social media for notifications. Plan to apply early!

The 4.5 week program (80 contact hours) will feature four and a half weeks of module-based daily instruction and group work, including online synchronous presentations by guest experts, several days of peer microteaching and preparation, followed by a fourth week that involves co-teaching to remote novice target language students, along with peer observation, personal reflection and professional planning. The program will be fully delivered online using the CLASSRoad Canvas learning management system and the web-conference platform Adobe Connect, which allows for adaptive design, improved mobile accessibility, the giving of timely feedback, and the course to be structured in an innovative and highly interactive manner.

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Dr. Mahbuba Hammad, [email protected]

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