Lina Kholaki

Lina has a Master’s degree in human development, and has been teaching for 20+ years. She has taught Arabic to students spanning early elementary through college (K-16). She taught at Cal State San Bernardino from 2006-2011, and was appointed by the University of Southern California as department coordinator and Arabic instructor from 2011-2015. Currently she serves as consultant of Arabic language in Los Angeles, California. Lina is the co-developer of Hayya Natakalam Maan, a landmark program for teaching Arabic language following modern standards for Early Childhood Education. In addition, Lina was a member of the Task Force Committee charged with drafting the Standards of Arabic as a Foreign Language for the 21st century for K-12, and was a reviewer of the ACTFL Word Readiness Standards. Lina serves as president of the non-profit National Arabic Teacher Association (NATA), and is Co-chair of the Southern California QFI Arabic Teacher Council, “SCALTC.”

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