Islamic Management and Leadership
(co-developed by IslamiCity and the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California)
Learn how to be a successful leader. This online course is ideal for those who want to acquire a unique perspective on Islamic principles and their relationship to management and leadership in the real world.

Beneficial for businessmen and businesswomen, non-profit administrators, community organizers, mosque leaders, youth coordinators, social activists and others.


Instructor: Dr. Rafik Beekun
Professor of Management and Strategy,
University of Nevada, Reno
Instruction Time: Over 11 hours of video content, plus downloadable notes and online quizzes
Course Content: 1. Leadership from an Islamic Perspective - 1
2. Leadership from an Islamic Perspective - 2
3. Leadership from an Islamic Perspective - 3 & 4
4. How does Islam Guide Us in Managing Stress?
5. Managing Conflict in Islamic Organizations
6. Business Ethics from an Islamic Perspective
7. Team Building in Islamic Organizations
8. Communication from an Islamic Perspective
9. Time Management for Islamic Organizations
Course Fee: $75/person (60 day access)

This is a self-paced course. Once your enrollment has been processed, you can login at any time and go through the course topics at your own pace. The total duration of the course is 60 days from the date of enrollment. Access to the course will come to an end after that time period.

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